Bass Drummer Wanted!

Recently we were sad to see the departure of our long-standing Bass Drummer John after 20 years with the band. We’ll all miss his steady hand and great ear for rhythm, but the time has now come to find a new beating heart for our sound.

Playing the Bass may not be the most technical or glamorous of pipe band roles, but it is an absolute essential. The bass drummer controls the tempo for both pipers and drummers, dictating the feel and musicality of everything we play. As long as you have a natural feel for rhythm, it doesn’t take long to pick up the bass-ics (sorry!) and there’ll be plenty of support to help newcomers bed in.

Regular and reliable turnout to practices and engagements is ideal, and you’d need to be happy with carrying and looking after the biggest drum in the band – it’s not as heavy as it looks (after all, most of it is empty space) but if you have back trouble then it might be wise to think twice.

Whether you’re an experienced pipe band player, have any kind of marching band background, or are just an eager amateur driving your family crazy with tapping fingers, drop us a line and come down to a practice night.

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